Little Boy Blue is a singing, songwriting musician touring and travelling from the EastBay, California. He mixes folk, country, rock, ska, metal, punk and traditional music to create a uniquely revolutionary concoction.

His first record, The Day that Bush was Shot in the Head (and other love songs) was released in 2006 from Big Raccoon Records. His second record, Banned from Apgar! was recorded with a full rock'n'roll band and released in 2010 from Ego Resistant Productions.

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"Just when I was starting to think that the only music these days was dead and boring I put on the latest CD from Little Boy Blue - 'Banned From Apgar' and - damn! What a rush... Reeling between great acoustic tracks like 'Talkin' Little Boy Blue's New Blues' (which sounds like everybody's life on the road) and full tilt electro punk like 'Anarcho Pirates From Hell' - this thing saved my day, my week, and maybe even my year. I was laughing one moment and slamming my fist into the dashboard - right on! - the next. I myself used to sing 'Plastic Jesus', but never this good. And Roger Miller would be proud to hear what happened to Robin Hood. And yes, we are all waiting to do something and this might just make it happen. Banjoes, acoustic guitars, drum slams, black hoodies, begging, wanting, beats, and garbage. Songs of the East Bay and the right now. Don't look too soon you'll miss it. Ah you missed it anyway. But if you run real fast you can catch up. I don't know what else to say except BUY THIS CD! It is totally absofuckinlutely worth it!" -Seattle Jim Page