Anarcho-Pyrates from Hell!
(Evan Eleven)

Hey Yo Ho, to Hell we go and Pyrates will we be
in storm and strife I take as my wife a life of Anarchy

We'll dig your trash, we'll take your cash, we'll break your wretched laws
you won't forgive the life we live, we won't forget your flaws

Tho stuck in shit, we'll only spit in the emperor's pale blue eyes
and bite the hands that feed and fan the flames that scorch the skies

To Hell we go to burn below and sail upon the seas-
the seas of guilt and mountains built from the skulls of the diseased

Their bones are cracked, their corpses wracked in dead, unending payn
in streams of blood that flow and flood beneath a driving rain

In wrath and fear you only hear the tolling of the bells
that sound at night by fire light upon the road to Hell

Hey Yo Ho, to Hell we go and Pyrates will we be
in dark and dirt and death and hurt- a life of Anarchy

Thru heat and stench the monkeywrench is thrown into the gears
that grind and churn and toil and turn- cacophony to the ears

And the roar of the guns from the House of the Sun to the depths of the abyss-
in love and hate and deep debate I wait for your Whiskey Kiss

We lose the bet, we die in debt, but I only lived for this
and when I die, a tear in your eye, on your lips a Whiskey Kiss