Tues. March 17th - Little Boy Blue dusted off his set of pub songs and drove the snakes out of Oakland with Problem With Dragons, Nephilim, Cycloptopus and The Nerv at the Golden Bull.

January 2015 - Happy New Year. We've got some new movies for y'all up on the 'Video' page. Enjoy...

Sun. May 18 - Back home, shweet home in California, Little Boy Blue played at the Dawg House in San Diego with Man Vs. Man, Hen's Teeth and others. Thanx to Ben for the short-notice hookup.

Sun. May 11 - Little Boy Blue played a fun folk-punk house show in Austin at that punk house on French Place with Cunto! and Al Scorch. Thanx again to the Cunto! boys...

Weds. May 7 - On his way back west, Little Boy Blue came out of 'retirement' to play two sets at Enoch's Irish Pub in Monroe, LA with special guests, Steve on penny whistle and Gail on fiddle. Much thanx for the Southern hospitality...

Tues. Jan. 28 - Rest In Peace, Pete Seeger.

Jan. 2014 - Happy new year! Little Boy Blue is currently 'wintering' in the Southern Mississippi area. Anybody trippin' down thisaway for Mardi Gras or whatever who wants to get in touch, please give us a shout...

April 2013 - So, I been doin' this Little Boy Blue thing for over ten years now, and this website for over nine years, and I think it's time for a break. Or another hiatus? But while I'm away please checkout the new Little Boy Blue Youtube channel, and 'like' Little Boy Blue on the social media site of yer choice. See the 'Links' page for more.
Take it easy but take it...

Sun. Mar. 3 - After six weeks on tour Little Boy Blue finally made it back home, sweet home, to California. We spent some time watching sunsets at Mission Beach, and played a folk-punk pizza party at Luigi's Pizzeria in San Diego, with Kevin Seconds, Martin Tapia and others.

Tues. Feb. 26 - Next Little Boy Blue played the Trainyard in Las Cruces, NM, with Hypatia and Fever Dreams.

Sun. Feb. 24 - Little Boy Blue's next stop was El Paso, TX, with Lake of Fire, Las Nalgadas and Birthday Suits at Black Market. Thanx to Dillon for the hookup.

Fri. Feb. 22 - Little Boy Blue played a fun punk rock show at 1919 Hemphill in Fort Worth, with Losing, Catatonic Squirrels and Nuclear Rabbit.

Sat. Feb. 16 - Little Boy Blue spent a few days on the road with Scott H. Biram, Black Eyed Vermillion and Whiskey Dick in Louisiana and Texas. Thanx to Kevin for the invite.

Tues. Feb. 12 - We were victims of a burglary in the middle of Mardi Gras, Little Boy Blue's laptop was stolen! Sorry again for the technical difficulties...

Thurs. Feb. 7 - Little Boy Blue's next stop was back in New Orleans for the annual carnival, with Beth Patterson at Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville. That was weird...

Sat. Feb. 2 - Little Boy Blue's final Austin gig was a cancer benefit for Leralee Whittle, with Roadside Attractions, GRASS, Walter Daniels & Ralph White, Rice Moorehead & His Ladies, Dirty Charley, Paul Sprawl and more. And Freight Train Dan on washboard. Thanx to Evan and Kim!

Thurs. Jan. 31 - Little Boy Blue's next show was at the Frontier Bar, with Lonesome Dave Fisher, Me and the Freight Train and Amanda Hickey and the Bruises. And Aaron played washboard.

Wed. Jan. 30 - Little Boy Blue managed to navigate the I-35 traffic south to San Marcos to play the Triple Crown happy hour, only an hour late.

Fri. Jan. 25 - Little Boy Blue is back in Austin! His first of several Austin area gigs was at the Hole In The Wall, with Cunto!, the Boomswagglers, the Ron Titter Band, Pocket FishRmen and more. Jolly good show, by golly...

Sat. Jan. 19 - After a quick stop in LA, Little Boy Blue rocked a fun house show in Prescott (rhymes with biscuit) AZ, with Ari and Her Banjo, Badteeth and others. Thanx to Jessie for the hookup.

Tues. Jan. 15 - Little Boy Blue made the first stop of his 2013 Southern Tour in Fresno at the Chinatown Youth Center, openin' up the pop punk show with Stanley and the Search, GUTS, For the Win, Clouds Like Mountanins and more.

Sunday Jan. 6 2013 - Happy New Year! Little Boy Blue was back pickin' at the Long Haul Acousic Anarchy Open Mic for the first time in a while with special guests, the Cracker Family Circus from Sacramento, Girl George, Guy Michel and all the usual suspects. Y'all come back again next month for the FOUR-Year Anniversary! Now on to the Southern Tour...

December 2012 - Little Boy Blue is workin' feverishly away bookin' shows for his 2013 Winter Southern Tour! More info coming soon...

Weds. Nov. 7 - Four more years for Barack Hussein Obama! Luckily we at Little Boy Blue (dot) Org foresaw this outcome with the forsight to record 'A Message to Barack Obama' in time for his second term. Checkitout on the 'Audio' page.

November 2012 - Holy Smokes, littleboyblue.org fell victim to a Super-Secret-Cyber-Virus-Hack Attack! and just when we were bookin' the Summer Tour too. Little Boy Blue played shows in Oakland, Sacramento, Ashland, Olympia, Seattle and Eugene, and then we had our annual Fall hiatus. Now we're back! and we're thankful for everyone who helped with the tour and the technical difficulties...

Fri. May 25 - Hot Damn! We finally got some movies for y'all up now on the 'Video' page. Enjoy!

Thurs. May 24 - Little Boy Blue played a few songs to help commemorate Judi Bari Day at Oscar Grant Plaza in the shadow of Oakland City Hall. Thanks to Gaby for the invite.

Sat. May 19 - Little Boy Blue played a rockin' Sacktown house show with 30 Ought 6 and The 132 to benefit the Sacramento Arts Collective.

Thurs. May 17 - After a quick stop in Black Butte, Little Boy Blue was back in the Sac, playin' a quiet cafe show at the Java Lounge.

Sun. May 6 - Little Boy Blue started the day with a live set on Eszter's Berkeley Liberation Radio show, and then played a fun farmyard show with Ayr, Ryan Harvey and others at the Gill Tract in Albany. Everyone please come out and help support the Occupy Farm!

Tues. May 1 - Happy May Day wishes to all...

Sun. Apr. 29 - Little Boy Blue and Ayr played again at the People's Park 43rd Anniversary in Berkeley with Antioquia, Synrgy, Phoenix and many more. By my count that's the fifth People's Park Anniversary I've played now.

Sun. Apr. 1 - After another beautiful weekend at the Anarchist Bookfair in Golden Gate Park, Little Boy Blue spent a foolish day with the good folx of the San Francisco Commune. We missed the Long Haul Open Mic tho, too bad we can't be in two places at once. Maybe if I had a hologram...

Fri. Mar. 30 - Little Boy Blue and Ayr played the "A" Cafe at the Holdout in West Oakland with Moonbat, Seeley Quest, the Brass Liberation Orchestra and more.

Tues. Mar. 6 - After twenty-odd years of anarchy, and four years after rising from the ashes of attempted arson like some philthy phoenix, after countless bands and shows, fights and farts and fucks, Hellarity House is evicted. But Hell will never die!

Sun. Feb. 5 - Wow we're getting old! It was our 3rd anniversary at the Long Haul Acoustic Anarchy Open Mic with performances from Little Boy Blue and Ayr, Girl George, Guy Michel and Guy's new band Backyard Tarzans, Jesse from Dear Indugu, Don the Dungeonmaster and his choose-your-own-adventure acoustic-rock-opera and more. Y'all please come back and support the Long Haul Haul every first Sunday of the month...

Sat. Jan. 14 2012 - Happy New Year! Little Boy Blue was honored to play another Homes Not Jails benefit show, this time at the Redstone Labor Temple in the Mission. Another dude named Blue played too.

December 2011 - Back on hiatus, or maybe I got hater-itis...

Weds. Sept. 21 - Shane and Josh are finally free! Happy Days.

Sun. Sept. 4 - It was good to be back at the Long Haul Acoustic Anarchy Open Mic with Girl George. But, where was Guy???

Fri. Sept. 2 - Back at the Revolution Cafe, Little Boy Blue played the first Friday Open Mic. I like this one, maybe we'll take over...

Sun. Aug. 28 - Goin' back to Cali, Little Boy Blue played a set on Matt and Eszter's Sunday show on Berkeley Liberation Radio. Maybe we'll get a copy to share for y'all one of these days...

Weds. Aug. 24 - Little Boy Blue played a fun Bozeman backyard show under the big sky with Tales From Ghost Town. Thanx to Natalie.

Tues. Aug. 23 - We got into the studio for the first time in a couple years to record some new demos with DJ Homebum for y'all. Maybe we can get them mixed sometime this year...

Mon. Aug. 22 - The next stop was Bozeman, Montana, where Little Boy Blue played two nights in a row at the Haufbrau open mic.

Weds. Aug. 17 - After a short stop in Chicago, Little Boy Blue played a fun gig at the Uptowner bar in Wilwaukee. Big thanx to Bob.

Sun. July 24 - Little Boy Blue drove east to checkout the Augusta Heritage Fest in Elkins, West Virginia to return to his 'roots'. We had the privilege to share songs with some inspiring Irish musicians like Daithi Sproule, Len Graham, Robbie O'Connell and others.

Sat. July 2 - Little Boy Blue played a benefit show for the Austin Free Skool at the House of Commons with the Downbeats and a bunch of other fun bands.

June 2011 - Sorry for the technical difficulties, we're back online now...

Tues. May 17 - Little Boy Blue was back at the 21st St. Co-op in Austin, playin' acoustic style with Arroyo Deathmatch and Aaron from the Downbeats.

April 2011 - Yes, very messy indeed...

March 2011 - Little Boy Blue went trippin' back down South, survived the Mardi Gras Flu in NOLA, and ended up back in Austin, TX for the SXSW Fest. I have never seen so many moustaches. I think i'll stay in Texas awhile, this may get messy...

Sun. Feb. 6 - Fuck the Super Bowl, the Long Haul Acoustic Anarchy Open Mic was packed on the two-year anniversary. Little Boy Blue played with Thee HoboGobellins, Dear Indugu, Girl George, Guy Michel and lots more talented folx. Y'all come back every first Sunday of the month...

Fri. Feb. 4 - Little Boy Blue was guest star on Diamond Dave's open mic radio show at Pirate Cat Radio in San Francisco, helpin' promote Girl George's Long Haul Open Mic.

January 2011 - Happy New Year! I've been on a little bit of a I-hate-us, I mean hiatus, but now i'm back. Stay tuned...

Sat. Sept. 25 - Little Boy Blue was at it again at Fou(w)l Farms in Olympia with Absence of Light, MC Juicy Karkass, Honduran, Dreadful Children, Tuck and Roll, Death By Snu Snu and others. It was a benefit for Bar-B's dog Charlotte.

Fri. Sept. 24 - Little Boy Blue played the FBK hous in Georgetown with Chainsaw, Absence of Light and MC Juicy Karkass.

Thurs. Sept. 23 - Drivin' north for a little fall Cascadian tour, Little Boy Blue played a fun house show in Tukwila, WA with Broken Half and others. Thanx to Christopher for the hookup.

Sat. Sept. 18 - Little Boy Blue made it back to Cali alive and well, and then up to Black Butte to rock the boxcar with Speed of Darkness, Agatha and Tesseract. We got full audio and video recordings of this one, check back later for movies...

Tues. Sept. 14 - Good News! Sarah Shourd is released from prison in Iran. Please do what you can to help urge the release of Shane and Josh.

Sat. Aug. 28 - Back in Austin, Little Boy Blue played Ally's birthday party at the BoozeTown Annex with a bunch of random bands that i didn't catch the names of. Thanx to Bonnie Blue!

Sun. Aug. 8 - It was tuff findin' anybody to help get a gig in New Orleans, for whatever reason. Maybe we can blame it on the sweltering summertime. But Little Boy Blue did play one show at St. Roch Tavern in the Bywater with Chelsea Shenanigans. And Ashley played accordion.

Fri. July 9 - Little Boy Blue was back in Austin again, openin' the show for Pigs on their summer tour at Trailer Space Records.

June 2010 - Little Boy Blue arrived back in New Orleans, LA for the first time in five years, after a short stop in Austin, TX for the Chaos in Tejas. Thanx to the motherfuckers at the 21st Street Co-op for the hospitality. All y'all in the Deep South should drop a line and hit me up!

Weds. May 19 - Little Boy Blue played his last show in the BayArea for a while at Sugar Mountain Studios. Raw-B skipped out so we were down to a trio, with Hammy on drums, Daniel on guitar and I played bass for the first time in years. The Mantles, Young Prisms and No Babies played too. See ya next fall, don't trip...

Thurs. May 6 - Little Boy Blue brought the full amplified band to the Gilman acoustic cafe night and rocked the hous along with Kevin Seconds, Street Eaters and Ryan Banks. Thanx to everyone who came out to the CD release show on a Thursday, checkout "Banned from Apgar!" on sale now!

Sun. May 2 - We were back at the Long Haul Acoustic Anarchy Open Mic after a beautiful May Day weekend, with Girl George, Guy Michel, Dennis, Tony Ramos and many more. It was Little Boy Blue's last one before he leaves for summer tour, so somebody else needs to pick up the slack and hold it down this summer...

Fri. Apr. 30 - Little Boy Blue played his first show with Hammy, Raw-B and Daniel in over a year, at the Fort Gallery in Ghosttown with Snatch Trap, Don the Dungeonmaster and others. It was a benefit for the State Street 29 arrested in Olympia, WA.

Mon. Apr. 26 - After too many trials and tribulations and travels and travails, Little Boy Blue's NEW ALBUM is finally done! Halleluyah and hell yeah. "Banned From Apgar" is out now on Ego Resistant Records. Come out to our album release show at Gilman next Thursday...

Sun. Apr. 25 - It was the People's Park 41st Anniversary show on another gorgeous spring day in Berkeley. Too bad the police didn't want Little Boy Blue and his band to play. But there were sweet performances by Ed Masuga, CHT, Dissident Aggressor, Escapement, Quinn DeVeaux, Phoenix and many more.

Sat. Apr. 3 - Little Boy Blue played a badass sweaty basement show in Sacktown with Escapement, Reckless and Pipsqueak. Thanx to Lacie for the hookup.

Weds. Mar. 31 - Little Boy Blue and Tim played the Submission Gallery at El Balazo in the Mission for the first time, with the Love Dimension, Soapers, the Nerv and more. Thanks to everyone who donated to benefit Homes Not Jails. And the Balazo makes a tasty burrito mojado.

Fri. Mar. 19 - Little Boy Blue played his second Mama Buzz show in a month with Tim on banjo, with For Fear the Hearts of Men are Failing, Moon Bat and Clide from Paper Crocodiles.

Sun. Mar. 7 - The Long Haul was rockin' once again at our monthly open mic on the Broakland line, with Little Boy Blue, Girl George, Moon Bat, Don the Dungeonmaster and many more. I lost count.

Sat. Mar. 6 - It was a nice nite at Fort Awesome in Berkeley with Little Boy Blue warmin' up the crowd for Ed Masuga's release show for his new album, "Let Me Tune My Heartstrings". Checkitout, it's perty damn good.

Fri. Feb. 26 - Little Boy Blue was ragin' with Tim and Bar-B at Sara's goin' away partay at the Victory Warehous in Oaktown, with Out of Spite, Neurotoxicity, Bottom Shelf, Einsty and a bunch of other badass bands too...

Weds. Feb. 10 - Little Boy Blue got the band back together at Mama Buzz cafe with Ayr on mando, Tim on banjo and Bar-B on washboard. And Poor Boy's Soul and Tim played some hot solo stuff too.

Sun. Feb. 7 - The Long Haul Open Mic one-year-anniversary was the best one yet, with Little Boy Blue, Girl George and Guy Michel, Miguel and Rosie, Poor Boy's Soul, Dear Indugu and many more. I think it's finally catchin' on...

Mon. Jan. 25 - We had another fun acoustic show at the Prince Palace in Berkeley, with Little Boy Blue, Rizzy, Rosie, Jason Tilton, Zack from Marmalade Mountain, Raina Rose and others. Better watch out for that sneaky Brontosaurus...

Fri. Jan. 8 - Little Boy Blue was back at Station 40 in the Mission for another Hellarity Hous benefit show, with the Moon Gays, Arthur the Band, Bonzo the Unicorn, the Homeless People, the Love Dimension and others. And Tim played banjo. And then we got assaulted by a random drunk at a bar!

Sun. Jan. 3 2010 - Happy New Year! Holy crap it's a new decade too. I can't believe this website has been up for six years now! We had another great Open Mic at the Long Haul with Little Boy Blue, Girl George, the Oakland Birds and the Unreal Mumbles who did some sick freestyle rappin'. Come back next month for our Long Haul Acoustic Anarchist Anti-Superbowl party...

Sun. Dec. 27 - There was more acoustic rockin' and rollin' at the Long Haul with the Wylscot Records valley kid crew, with Little Boy Blue, Fire! Fire! Fire!, Iron Kids, Colton Saylor and the She Sells Sea Shells, Rizzy from Zomo and more. Jolly good show.

Sun. Dec. 6 - Little Boy Blue and Dear Indugu were together again at the Long Haul Acoustic Anarchy Open Mic, with Girl George, Guy Michel, Fake Candy and all the usual suspects...

Sat. Dec. 5 - Little Boy Blue played Burnt Ramen Studios in Richmond for the 1st time, with Dear Indugu, DamnGirlNachos, Mystery Dope and Abstersion. Thanx to Nanci for the hookup.

Thurs. Nov. 12 - Little Boy Blue headlined the show at Gilman's Thursday acoustic nite, with Bodhi, Mystery Dope and Jen from Bandalism. And Tim played some badass banjo. Thanx to everyone who came out to celebrate the birthday party...

Sun. Nov. 8 - We were folkin' things up again at the monthly Long Haul Open Mic, with Little Boy Blue, Girl George, Guy Michel, Dear Indugu, Jesse Ape and many more. Dear Indugu is the 'feature act' next month, does that mean he'll bring the full band?

Sun. Oct. 18 - Little Boy Blue played a fun benefit BBQ show at the Grassroots House in Berkeley with Rebecca Riots and Jeanie Lewicki. The Grassroots house is home to the Green Party, Copwatch, the I.W.W. and a bunch of other radical groups.

Sun. Oct. 4 - Little Boy Blue had a bizzy day in the BayArea, first playin' a benefit show for Modesto Anarcho with Roberto Miguel, the Homeless People and others at Station 40 in San Francisco, then with MC Lynx, Ayr and Terri Compost for Terri's "People's Park Still Blooming" book release at the Art House Gallery in Berkeley, and then over at the Long Haul Acoustic Anarchy Open Mic with Girl George, Guy Michel, Thee HoboGobbelins and more! wow.

Sun. Sept. 6 - We had another radical Long Haul Open Mic with Little Boy Blue, Girl George, Guy Michel, Terri Compost, Eliot Reinhardt Kenin, Zack from Shakey Bones and others. Checkitout on the 1st Sunday of the month!

Sat. Aug. 29 - Little Boy Blue was rollin' with the HoboGobbelins again, this time out to Weed, CA to play the Black Butte Center for Railroad Culture. It was my first show in a boxcar, pretty sweet...

Thurs. Aug. 20 - We had another great show at Sugar Mountain in Ghosttown with Thee HoboGobbelins, Di Nigunim, Eskera and Little Boy Blue played a solo set. And then we all hit up Libertatia in the Big Sur mountains for a memorable weekend.

Mon. Aug. 17 - Hot Damn! All the songs from Little Boy Blue's NEW ALBUM are up now on the 'Audio' page. Better late than never...

Tues. Aug. 11 - Little Boy Blue played a fun acoustic livin' room show at the Palace on Prince in Berkeley with Tune Yards and James Miska and Chaz Prymek who stopped along their bike tour of the West Coast.

Sun. Aug. 2 - The Long Haul Acoustic Anarchy Open Mic is gettin' better all the time! Little Boy Blue, Zach Stewart, Tyler James, Emcee Lynx, Jared from Cycloptopus and many more played some great songs.

Weds. July 22 - Little Boy Blue was back at the Book Zoo for another fun acoustic show with Trever Jones, Nomi and Ayr on the man-do. Thanks to the Book Zoo, buy a book.

Mon. July 13 - Little Boy Blue is home again after a radical two-week tour with The Hobo Gobbelins. We played the Autonomous Mutant Fest and shows in Portland, Eugene and Chico, got free pizza at Monstro's and free beer at Ninkasi and only spent one day brokedown in Vallejo. Good times.

Fri. June 26 - Sugar Mountain Studios was rockin' and rollin' with the Fucking Buckaroos, Cycloptopus, Swank, Chicken Little and others. And Tim and Ayr joined Little Boy Blue for a short, sweet set.

Sun. June 14 - Thee Hobo Gobbelins headlined another fine nite at the Long Haul Acoustic Anarchy Open Mic with Little Boy Blue, Girl George, Guy Michel, Dear Indugu, Zach Stewart and others. I won't be there in July, so somebody's got to hold it down while i'm gone...

Fri. June 12 - Little Boy Blue and Little B and J were folk-rockin' again at the Book Zoo on the Broakland line. Steffy Sue played too and the Phantom Vibrations kicked off their tour of the West.

Thurs. May 28 - Little Boy Blue played some old-timey harmonica tunes with Little B and J at 924 Gilman for Jemmy Joe's solo record release show, with Rising Appalachia and others. Checkout Jemmy Joe's new album!

Sun. May 10 - We were back at the Long Haul for the monthly Acoustic Anarchy Open Mic on Mother's Day. Little Boy Blue, Girl George and Guy Michel, Andrew, Eszter and Aleksey all played some fun songs.

Sun. Apr. 26 - Little Boy Blue played onstage at the People's Park 40th Anniversary amplified show and then he hustled over to the Long Haul to play a benefit show for Tristan with Ayr, Emily and others.

Sun. Apr. 19 - Little Boy Blue played a fun Birthday BBQ show at the house formerly known as Hazmat in Oaktown, with HUMANWINE, Meow and the Ms.Fits. Thanks to Miko for the invite.

Sat. Apr. 18 - It was another beautiful day in the park at the People's Park 40th Anniversary acoustic show with Little Boy Blue, HUMANWINE, John the Baker, ten other excellent bands and a theater troop too. It was the biggest show I ever booked, thanx to everyone who came out and made it a success.

Sun. Apr. 5 - Little Boy Blue, Girl George, Guy Michel, Paul Pot, Miguel, Dear Indugu and others played some great songs at the monthly Long Haul Open Mic. Come back next month, it's on Mother's Day...

Tues. Mar. 17 - St. Patrick's Day at Sugar Mountain was sweet with the Fucking Buckaroos, Little B and J and Little Boy Blue played with Hammy, Raw-B and Daniel. Thanks to everyone who showed up on a Tuesday even tho thee HoboGoblins and Mr. Plow cancelled.

Fri. Mar. 13 - Our good friend Tristan Anderson was shot in the head by Israeli troops while photographing Israel's illegal Apartheid wall in the West Bank. Now he is in a coma in a Tel Aviv hospital. We want Justice for Tristan and Palestine!

Sun. Mar. 1 - We had another great nite at the Long Haul Acoustic Open Mic, with Little Boy Blue, Girl George, Guy Michel, Robby and Christa, Marzy Quayzar and many more. Someone else needs to remember to bring food next time.

Weds. Feb. 25 - There's more new Open Mic fun in the Eastbay at 33 Revolutions in El Cerrito. The 1st one was on a Wednesday, they might be on Mondays in the future. Let's hope they can stay open a little later next time...

Sun. Feb. 1 - Remember the old Nabolom Radical Open Mic? It's long gone but there's a brand new anarchist acoustic Open Mic at the Long Haul in Berkeley! Little Boy Blue and Girl George were the hosts and Guy Michel, Dear Indugu, Emcee Lynx, Miguel and many more shared their talents. Everybody come back on the 1st Sunday of the month and let's keep it going strong.

Thurs. Jan. 8 2009 - Little Boy Blue and Julia played some tunes at Beckett's, Berkeley's other Irish pub, with The Attracted. Thanks to Dave G.

Sat. Dec. 6 - Little Boy was back in Sactown rockin' at Luna's Cafe with Peter and Julia, Lasher Keen and Der Spazm. Thanks to Heather for the hookup.

Tues. Nov. 18 - There was a fun show at the Book Zoo in Oakland to benefit the Berkeley tree sitters who lost their home. Little Boy Blue played with Julia and Dear Indugu and others.

Sat. Nov. 8 - Little Boy Blue played the Starry Plough's 35th Anniversary Show, with the Happy Clams, Xenia Rudnycka, Joan Pez's Open Mic Allstars and tons of other great bands.

Tues. Nov. 4 - Congratulations to Barack Hussein Obama, the first black president. We'll give him a chance to repeal the Patriot Act, end the wars and solve the housing crisis before we write a song about him...

Sun. Nov. 2 - There was more benefit show rockin' for Little Boy Blue at 800 Larkin in San Fransicko. Mykee Ramen, PIGS and The Attracted also played for Cindy Sheehan for Congress. Thanks to everyone who came out to Support Cindy.

October 2008 - Little Boy Blue is hidin' out at Sugar Mountain Studios in Oaktown, werkin' on the new album with Hammy and Raw-B. Watch for it early in 2009...

Fri. Sept. 26 - Little Boy Blue played a Berkeley benefit show for Bethany's high school class trip to Costa Rica, with Feels Like Fire and others.

Thurs. Sept. 11 - Little Boy Blue made it home on 'Patriot Day' after a month on the road with Rebels Advocate and David Rovics and shows with Ryan Harvey, Diamond Dave Whitaker and others. Almost 1,000 people were arrested in Denver and the Twin Cities and the RNC 8 got preemptive domestic terrorism charges. And while we were gone the pigs cut down the Oak Grove and raided the Long Haul in Berkeley. Don't be fooled by promises of "change", we've got a lot of work to do...

August 2008 - It's been 4 years since we started this website and it's time for another presidential election. Little Boy Blue is on tour with Rebels Advocate for 2 weeks, then on to the riots in Denver and Minnesota!

Sat. July 19 - Little Boy Blue played his first show in San Francisco in a long while, at Gravel and Gold in the Mission, with Ed Masuga and Pine.

Sat. July 12 - Little Boy Blue played another cool Long Haul acoustic show with Ghost Mice, Heathers, Jemmy Joe and others. Thanks to Jem for the hookup.

Sun. June 22 - We were back at Gilman for Little Boy Blue's best show yet, with MDC, Instant Asshole, John the Baker, Crucial Cause and more. And it was his first show with Raw-B on bass and Hammy on Drums. Hell yeah.

Sat. June 21 - Little Boy Blue was back at the monthly Dub-C punk rock BBQ, rockin' with Cycloptopus, Flat Rat and others.

Sat. June 7 - Little Boy Blue played at the IWW's memorial show for Utah Phillips, with the Hobogoblins, Peter Leopold, Will Scarlett, Hali Hammer, Faith Petric, the Funky Nixons, IS and others. All proceeds went to benefit Utah's Hospitality House in Grass Valley.

Sun. June 1 - 924 Gilman St. was host to another benefit show for the Hellarity house. Thanks to I Yearn for Maiden, Pillager, Aether, Girl George, Guy Michel and Paul Pot for playin' and Russell for the hookup. Little Boy Blue played harp for Girl George.

Mon. May 26 - Little Boy Blue was back at the Oak Grove tree-sit for a Memorial Day picnic and song circle. We used the time to remember some of our comrades who have fallen in the struggle for justice and protection of the Earth.

Sun. Apr. 27 - The 39th anniversary of People's Park was a beautiful day in Berkeley. There were tons of awseome artists, performers and skill-sharers, food, games, info and Little Boy Blue headlined the show. I can't wait for the 40th anniversary...

Sun. Apr. 13 - The "Save the Oaks" tree-sit at UC Berkeley celebrated its 500-day anniversary with the Cirkus Pandemonium, Little Boy Blue and others.

Sun. Mar. 30 - The Long Haul was host to a radical benefit show for the Hellarity house, with Little Boy Blue, John the Baker, Girl George and Guy Michel, Miguelvis and Jem from 1-2-3-Not It. There was an arson at Hellarity on Mar. 1st when the landlord tried to burn down the house to evict the occupants, and help is urgently needed for permits and repairs. Thanx to everyone who came out to show support.

Sat. Mar. 15 - There was an anti-war protest in Walnut Creek to 'Bring the War to the Suburbs'. Little Boy Blue played some protest songs with the Peach Colored Jug Smugglers and others. Fuck the suburbs!

Thurs. Feb. 7 - Little Boy Blue played his first show at the Mama Buzz Cafe since the last CD release show, with Hello Lovers and Dakota Slim and the Zydeco Funeral.

Fri. Feb. 1 - Little Boy Blue was back at 924 Gilman, playin' in the stoar for the acoustic nite with Kevin Seconds, Craigums, Jesse Morris, Eric Core and others.

Fri. Jan. 25 - Robert Burns nite was ridiculous at the Intersection of Death in Oaktown, with the Fucking Buckaroos, Rock n' Roll Adventure Kids, Zomo, Peach-Colored Jug Smugglers, Sludgehammer, Jehova's Fitness and Little Boy Blue too. Thanks to everyone who braved the pourin' rain to taste the whiskey and haggis.

Sat. Jan. 5 2008 - Little Boy Blue played a fun tea-party show at the Speakeasy hous in Oakland with Miguelvis, Beat Beat Whisper and others.

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