Beasts of Burden
(Evan Eleven/ Ed Masuga)

Well, when the black gloved fists
and the anarchists
rise up and resist
then you'll know that they're pissed
and there's something you missed
you'll finally get the gist
yer last on their list
when the losers you dissed
and the slaves you dismissed
finally slit your wrists
and blow you that kiss
and leave you in the gutter with the vermin

Well, then you'll see what you forgot
all the changes you fought
all the stooges you bought
all the lies that you taught
all the favors you sought
all yer plans and plots
they've all gone to pot
it's all come to naught
no it don't mean squat
and you'll be in a tight spot
yeah you'll finally be caught
and then at last you'll be learnin'
it's yer turn to be the Beast of Burden

Well, there's always been a beast of burden ever since work was begun
and who took home the spoils? it was you that was the one
but now it's time the table's turnin and a change is in the air
and now it's yer turn to toil- and i think it's only fair

Well, when yer peasants and peons
stop fallin' for yer cons
and don't get up for work at dawn
then this whole trip you were on
all yer brains and brawn
all the scum you spawned
it'll all be long gone
you'll be fallin' like Enron
while you were in the john
yer scapegoats and pawns
set yer pretty green lawns
and yer swimmin' pool suburbs to burnin'

Well, then you'll finally behold
what the prophets told
in those days of old
and all yer glittery gold
and all the shit you sold
all the polls you polled
it won't cure yer cold
it's yer turn to fold
every hand you hold
and you won't be so bold
when the suckers you rolled
all stop listenen' to yer sermons
then it's yer turn to be the Beast of Burden

Well, you've always kept yer beast of burden at the barrel of a gun
and the worker's hopes was foiled for as long as work's been done
but now this time what they're earnin's what they're gonna keep and share
and where does that leave you royals? ha! why should anybody care?

Well, when the souls you damned
and the folks you scammed
get their heads out of the sand
stop jumpin' at yer commands
and buyin' yer name brands
then the criminals you canned
will be takin' back the land
and you won't feel so grand
it won't be goin' like you planned
they'll be makin' their demands
you'll be makin' yer last stand
and then you'll know the worm is finally turnin'

Well, then the ones with the brains
will finally bust their chains
and start drivin' that train
they'll have everything to gain
and you'll be feelin' that hard rain
and they won't feel yer pain
and you'll finally see it plain
all yer sanity's in vain
and yer vanity's insane
yer Abel and they're Cain
they're Tarzan and yer Jane
they're Bruce Lee and yer the one that's PeeWee Hermann
and it's yer turn to be the Beast of Burden
yeah that's right now it's yer turn to be the Beast of Burden