I Heart My Black Hoodie
(Evan Eleven)

When life is hard, when yer depressed
can't reach the stars, can't pass the test
can't get too far, can't do yer best
it helps to dress for success
and then you'll see when things seem bad
how it could be so don't be sad
take it from me- it ain't a fad
it's the best fashion sense I've had

'Cos I feel so good in Black Hoodie
just like I should in my Black Hoodie
I feel so good in my Black Hoodie
and I knew I would in my Black Hoodie

So why's it nice? I'll count the ways
it shades yer eyes from the hot sun's rays
it warms the ice on winter days
it's a disguise just in case
don't need to clean- that's always good
it ain't insane- misunderstood
don't show no stains from blood or food
and when it rains pull up yer hood


The fascist pigs are big and tough, they're lookin' for you
and they'd just love to fuck you up so what ya gonna do?
You could be the first one on yer bloc to join in the fight
and smash some windows, throw some rocks, then vanish in the night

So be a punk and wear it proud
and get real drunk and shout real loud
the pigs can't catch ya in a crowd
if ya turn yer patches inside out
so don't be blue, just dress in black
you'll find it's true- run with the pack
safety in numbers- simple fact
carry off some darkness on yer back