Talkin' Little Boy Blue's New Blues
(Evan Eleven)

Well, hello folx, i'm Little Boy Blue
and i wanna sing a song for you
if ya heard it before, i'll sing it again
about the things i done and the places i been
and i'll try and tell it to ya strait
i hope ya can appreciate it
but if ya find it's kinda queer
i hope ya still hang with me here
'cos if we don't hang together then we're gonna hang separately-
that's a Revolutionary War quote
and i'm a Revolutionary!

I'll pick up where i left ya last
my story starts a couple years past
California's where i come from
i just finished my first album
and i played my own D.I.Y. tour
i got no manager 'cos i'm poor
but i rode in vans and on freight trains
circus buses and airplanes
i slept in swamps, i hiked thru snow
i went every place that i could go
and then when i finally came home again
i was right back where i started from

So i sung my song both near and far
about how i wanted to be a rock star
i sung songs about the President
and the pigs who think he's heaven sent
and i seen London, i been to France
and i been in yer girlfriend's underpants
but the strangest thing i ever saw
looks like the long arm of the law
they got their big long arms
and their short little tempers
they got an underdeveloped sense of irony
it's enough to drive a boy to anarchy!

See, these lawmen and liars need control
they hate yer heart and they suck yer soul
'cos there's a war still goin' on
and the kings and queens are takin' the pawns
takin' 'em strait to the bank
and ya can't trade yer heart in for credit
ya ain't gonna get no federal bailout

And when i say heart, it ain't no joke
'cos i fell in love and my heart got broke
but i'm still tryin' to be nice
i'll give ya this piece of advice-
don't fall in love with a whore
you'll get all ya bargained for and more
i'm still tryin' to do the math on that one
i never was any good at math

But that was just a short digression
when dealin' with a great depression
ya gotta ask yerself this question
are ya open to the power of suggestion?
are ya pissed at what they done to you?
don't feel alone, they done it to me too
and sometimes i get fuckin' fightin' mad
and then i try and remember who i'm really angry at
it ain't the folx fightin' at this party
it's the creeps that run the political parties
and the bosses that are pullin' the strings
'cos they pulled too tight this time

I suggest we think of who's in power
and we come together and we storm their towers
it ain't easy but if we open our eyes
and wise up and get organized
i think we'll see it ain't too late
to fly in the face of doom and fate
we ain't gotta do nothin' but what we can do
everybody's got a different talent
and everyone can have fun doin' it

So i'll stop before the bell starts ringin'
i'll say my talent is playin' and singin'
i sing for Emma Goldman, Johnny Cash
and Joe Strummer from the Clash
for John Lennon and Phil Ochs
for the punx and for the folx
i sing to make difference
so maybe the people sittin' on the fence
can decide which side they're on-
look at it this way- it's like ya got a mobile phone set to vibrate and it's sittin' on the edge of a desk, and that phone's been vibratin' all day
and if ya get one more call, then that phone is bound to fall, and all hell's gonna break loose
so call me!