Song for Spydr
(Evan Eleven)

Well, i know this guy named Spydr and
he just don't seem to understand
if ya wanna be a radical anarchist squatter
ya got to give a thought to security culture
it's just common sense these days- Spydr, i wonder if ya got any

I don't think i'm more cultured than anybody else
but i like to try and protect myself
and it's fine if ya don't do drugs or drink
but when yer online ya gotta think
of who ya mention and what ya say
'cos some pigs a thousand miles away
they might be readin'- that's their job

Maybe they heard of yer internet fame
they're takin' notes and they're takin' names
and they'll call the local pigs on the phone
and they'll come and find ya when yer all alone
and you'll get the shit kicked out of you
and if i lived next door they might find me too
and i don't want that to happen- well, i might like it if it happened to you

So laugh it up, call me an oogle
but all i got to do is google
to read the shit ya been talkin' about me
shit talkin' works both ways, ya see
so take some care when ya type tonite
'cos i ain't tryin' to start a fight
but if ya don't then ya can't be trusted
maybe that's why all yer other squats got busted!