Terrorism Blues
(Evan Eleven)

Well, I got the Terrorism Blues
I just heard the terrorism news
I put on my terrorism shoes
and I come out here and sing

I got all these problems on my mind
I got all these problems of every kind
so many problems, couldn't find
a solution to the thing

But then I turned on my nightly news
and I learned all them politicians' views-
they said that we can never lose
'cos Amerika's the king

We'll find 'em with our secret specs
we'll give 'em bogus background checks
we'll tie some ropes around their necks
and we're gonna let 'em swing

And then we'll go off to Afganistan
we'll kill 'em all 'cos we're the man
no, we don't need to have no plan
we'll blow 'em all away

And then we'll go get old Saddam
we'll say he's tryin' to build a bomb
we'll bomb 'em all and their moms
them Iraqis are better off dead anyway

So Bush and Dick and old Rumsfeld
they rant and rave and scream and yell
they say, "we're gonna blow 'em all to hell!"
today is Armageddon day

But it shouldn't come as no surprise
if they all are tellin' lies
so, when they're lyin' watch their eyes-
we all know how this game is played

But I beg ya please, don't get me wrong
just because I sing this song
and I wish we all could get along-
I still hope they catch Osama and they lock him up in chains

But first, he better get a fair trial
'cos if he don't, we're all in denial
they say "Freedom", wave the flag and smile-
ya gotta stop and think about what it means