To Whom it Might Concern
(Evan Eleven)

Babe, if ya think that you don't love me, yer not thinkin of me- babe i gotta say ditto
and if ya say you don't care about me, yer better off without me i don't care one bit-o
'cos all the times that you were so youthful, and so untruthful- i had enuff of it-o
and all the times that you tried to hurt me, if you desert me i don't give a shit-o

But i remember you drivin' by, always flyin' so high- all i can say
is that i wonder, can ya tell me why all of my goodbyes always end this way?

Babe, now i can't help but start to wonder, if i made a blunder when i took you home-o
'cos in the night we had all that laughter, the mornin' after we were just stoned-o
but still i think of you and me smokin', you and me jokin' on the telefono
now when i call you i can't get thru babe, well i'll get you babe- like Sonny Bono


Babe, now it's better that we're parted, i'm not retarded- now i can tell-o
that i'm better off on my own now, i'm all alone now- i guess it's just as well-o
so if you drop by at my party, actin' so smarty with another fellow
or if you show up at my hoedown, i'll give you the lowdown- you can go to hell-o