-Old News-

Fri. Dec. 21 - Little Boy Blue was back in Sactown for the '2nd annual' Murder St. acoustic show and bike joust, playin' the country hits with Tommy, Scott and Stephan and Timmy Jones. And then Tommy dethroned Stephan as jousting champion!

Sat. Dec. 8 - There was another riotous Berkeley riot-folk show at the Long Haul. Little Boy Blue played with Ryan Harvey, Adhamh Roland, Girl George, Guy Michel and Xenia's new band, the Hoo-Rodders.

Sat. Nov. 17 - Little Boy Blue played his first show in Walnut Creek at the monthly Dub-C Heather Farms BBQ with Black America, Moxic Fuss, Rizzy from Zomo and others. Yummy!

Tues. Nov. 6 - Little Boy Blue was the feature act again at the Starry Plough Open Mic. And it was his first show with Guy Michel on bass and Dan Sherry Dan on lead guitar. Can't wait 'til we get the band back together...

Thurs. Nov. 1 - Little Boy Blue played the second monthly acoustic Cafe Nite at 924 Gilman in Berkeley with Miguelvis and Dave G. We played a couple Dory Tourette sing-along songs too. R.I.P. Dory...

Tues. Oct. 9 - It was radical to be back at the Nabolom Bakery in Berkeley again. Little Boy Blue played a fun show there with Brenna Sahatjian and Tin Tree Factory.

Fri. Sept. 28 - Little Boy Blue was back in the BayArea swing of things, playin' his first SouthBay show at the Quarter Note in Sunnyvale with Beltaine's Fire and the Four Finger String Band.

Weds. Sept. 19 - Little Boy Blue lands in California, home shweet home. Thanks to the Cedar Squat crew, the Nothing House, Disgraceland, the Palindrome, the Fort in Brooklyn and everyone from Boston to Richmond who helped make it a great East Coast Summer Tour.

Tues. Sept. 18 - Little Boy Blue was back at the Palindrome again for his last East Coast show with Lauren Adams, Wingnut Dishwasher's Union and Captain # 1.

Fri. Sept. 14 - Little Boy Blue played a fun basement show at the Palindrome in South Philly with Creeky Boards, Dragonzord, Sea Monster and others.

Thurs. Sept. 6 - Little Boy Blue was back in Philly blowin' his harp at Cafe Con Chocolate with Some People with Instruments, PK, the Panda Family and others.

Weds. Aug. 15 - Little Boy Blue rode a train back down to RVA for the sixth annual Best Friends Day. Sorry about the drama again. It must be something crazy about the capital of the Confederacy...

Sat. Aug. 11 - Little Boy Blue made the bus back to Philthadelphia, the City that Dropped the Bomb.

Wed. Aug. 8 - We had so much fun at T.J. Scallywaggles in Allston that Little Boy Blue played another show there with Endless Mike & the Beagle Club, Sway, John Eugene and others. Thanks to T.J.'s for the vegan pizza and Myk for the hookup.

Mon. Aug. 6 - Little Boy Blue took the Chinatown bus to Boston in time to play the very first weekly T.J. Scallywaggles Open Mic with Evan Greer, Myk Arthur, John Eugene and others..

Sat. Aug. 4 - The 4th annual Crafty Records pop-punk BBQ was rockin' on City Island in the Bronx with Chopped Liver, Brook Pridemore, Guitar Bomb, Toby Goodshanks, the Unloveables, Little Boy Blue and many more.

Fri. Aug. 3 - Little Boy Blue, Evan Greer, Sarah Lanzillotta, Mimi Lavalley and John Eugene played a fun Broadway rooftop riot-folk show.

Tues. July 31 - Little Boy Blue played some California riot-folk for the New York anti-folk crowd at the Sidewalk Cafe in the Lower East Side.

Fri. July 27 - Little Boy Blue played a crazy show at the Swamp in Brooklyn with Skeleton Breath, New York Howl, Juggernut, Princess Fantastic, Dylan James and others. Thanks to the Swamp people, that was the most fun I've had at a party in a while.

Sun. July 22 - Next Little Boy Blue made his triumphant return to the big New York City, without any police interference.

Sat. July 21 - Little Boy Blue played the Philly (Pholk) Punx Picnic on a beautiful day at Lemon Hill Park with the Naughty Naughty Nurses, Farcial Hoodwink unplugged and others.

Fri. June 29 - Little Boy Blue made a trip down to Richmond, VA to checkout the punk rock and workshops at C.L.I.T. Fest 2007. Sorry about the drama...

Sun. June 17 - There was a fun Father's Day show at Cody's hous in West Philly and Little Boy Blue rocked out with Miguelvis, Lord Humungus and Reverend Grundarr and the Unholy Trinity.

Thurs. June 7 - Little Boy Blue arrives in Philly for the 1st stop on his EAST COAST SUMMER TOUR!

Weds. May 23 - Little Boy Blue was the special guest on the 'Doom at Noon' radio show with DJ Homebum and Mr. Invisible on Berkeley Liberation Radio 104.1 FM, playin' some new songs.

Tues. May 1 - Little Boy Blue made it back to California in time for the May Day merriment. In other news, a song from Little Boy Blue's 'Fuck the Bastards' sessions in Barcelona is featured on a new compilation CD entitled "Folk War", with Lynched, Dead Western, C_utter and more.

Weds. Apr. 25 - Little Boy played some songs for Cabaret Voltage at Club Orange in Salt Lake. And it was his last show with the Fagabond. So long Timmy, it's been good to know ya...

Tues. Apr. 24 - There was more rockin' in the SLC and Little Boy Blue and the Fagabond played at the Boing! Hous with Trebuchet, the Pharmacy and Gary on the accordion. Much thanks to the Boing! kids for the hospitality.

Mon. Apr. 23 - So, we didn't make it to St. Louis in time for the festivities. But Little Boy and the Fagabond did play a raucous riot-folk show at the Free Speech Zone in Salt Lake City with Bombs and Beating Hearts, Brook Pridemore, Guitar Bomb, Justin Skank and others.

Fri. Apr. 13 - Little Boy Blue stopped in Reno to get some shelter from the storm. "The coldest April in 113 years", someone said. It seems that Mother Nature is pissed and even riot-folks are not immune. Thanks to the House formerly known as Dread for puttin' us up and puttin' up with us.

Sun. Apr. 1 - Little Boy and the Fagabond played another Fort Awesome Cooperative Roots sunny Sunday brunch with Ed Masuga and the Abril Foolios, Bike Tramp and the Proving Ground. And it was beautiful day to say good-bye to the Bay. Next stop- St. Louie...

Thurs. Mar. 29 - So, Little Boy Blue finally broke down, bit the bullet, took the plunge, jumped on the bandwagon and got himself a MySpace page. Fuck Rupert Murdoch, Fuck MySpace! We'll see how long this lasts...

Sun. Mar. 25 - Little Boy Blue and the Fagabond played with Iguanadon unplugged and others at Hunter Farmer's birthday partay at the Power Inn skate park. Hooray for Hunter!

Sat. Mar. 10 - There was a happy hippy hoedown in the hills of North San Juan and Little Boy Blue and the Fagabond played there with Patience Yanderling and Lasher Keen, a.k.a. Y Kill K. Thanks to Dylan for the invite.

Sat. Feb. 17 - Little Boy Blue and his friend the Fagabond played another classy cafe show at Luna's in Sactown with Ed Masuga, Pa Easy & the Cotton Pickers and Alas, Alak, Alaska.

Sun. Feb. 11 - "The Day that Bush was Shot in the Head (and Other Love Songs)" CD is now available for sale online. Hot Damn! See the 'Merch' page.

Sat. Jan. 13 2007 - Little Boy Blue played at the Zombie Halloween Birthday Bacchanalian at Fort Radical in Berkeley with I Yearn for Maiden, Rebel's Advocate, Myth of Progress, One Man Banjo and others. And then he caught a staph infection.

Mon. Dec. 25 - Little Boy Blue recorded a new album at KC Booker's studio in Oaktown- a Christmas Country album, believe it or not. Entitled "Songs for Grannies", with Dan Sherry Dan on lead guitar. Maybe we'll upload some of the songs to the website someday...

Sat. Nov. 11 - Little Boy Blue and friends celebrated International Anarchy Day at the Murder St. House in Oak Park, playin' at a Big Birthday Bash with Ed Masuga, Ryan Harvey, The Fools, Tim Jones and more. And then we all indulged in birthday bike jousting.

Fri. Oct. 27 - Little Boy Blue played a cool cafe coffeeshop classic show with Ed Masuga, Gargantuo and the Rocking Chairs at Sacred Grounds in the Haight. And it was his second show with new drummer, Timmy Jones! Hell Yeah.

Thurs. Oct. 19 - Another Nabolom Radical Open Mic was host to Little Boy Blue, Mark Gunnery, Mahra Parian, Ed Masuga, Eliot Reinhardt and more. And next month will be an anniversary?

Sat. Sept. 23 - It was cool to play the Starry Plough on a Saturday instead of a Tuesday. Little Boy Blue made some music with Girl George, Miss Ma'am and the Rock N Roll Adventure Kids, and the super-secret KC Booker + Big Soul reunion too.

Thurs. Sept. 21 - And it was good to be back at the Nabolom Radical Open Mic after a few months away. Little Boy Blue, Ed Masuga, Mark Gunnery, KC Booker, Girl George, Dan Sheridan and others played some great songs.

Fri. Aug. 25 - After a great two-month tour, Little Boy Blue is home again, jiggity-jig. Much thanks to the Koepi, Rigaerstrasse 84, Yellow Dog Records, the Brownfish, el Crowbar, Spike Surplus and everyone who helped us along the way.

Weds. Aug. 23 - The Pogo folx liked Little Boy Blue so much they invited him to play a solo show at the Cafe. Thanks for the tasty vegan treats!

Sat. Aug. 19 - A packed Saturday saw Little Boy Blue play some protest songs in front of the American Embassy at the Climate Hell-Fire Party, then some songs and an interview for the Propaganda show on Sound Radio. Finally he finished the nite playin' with the King Blues, PJ Shepherd and Renegade Burlesque at Chat's Palace to benefit the Pogo Cafe.

Fri. Aug. 18 - Little Boy Blue played a cool little show at the Gladstone Arms in Borough with PJ Shepherd, the Turncoat and Fruitbag, three awesome Euro folk-punk players. Cheers to Dave McManus for the fish and chips.

Fri. Aug. 11 - Little Boy Blue was a guest at Everything 4 Everyone's Friday nite Jam Session, with Rob the Rub, Sarah Bear and others.

Thurs. Aug. 10 - Little Boy Blue arrives in London town, just ahead of the terrorist hysteria!

Sat. Aug. 5 - Little Boy Blue played a fun show at the Ateneo del Besos in Barcelona with the Revengers, a fun French band.

Mon. July 31 - Little Boy Blue played some of his new songs for the 'Fuck the Bastards' show on Radio Bronka. Gracias a Rafa.

Tues. July 25 - The next stop is Barcelona, Catalonia, the Anarchist Capital of the World (sorry, Eugene).

Weds. July 19 - Little Boy Blue arrives in Amsterdam, one day late and $170 short.

Sun. July 9 - Little Boy Blue was the feature artist at Lady Gaby's Fuel Poetry Night at the Hotelbar, with Sister Chain & Brother John and others. And then we all got drunk on Jagermeister.

Mon. July 3 - Little Boy Blue played a few songs for the Great Country Swindle at White Trash Fast Food. Thanks to Mad Kate for hookin' it up.

Weds. June 28 - The first stop on Little Boy Blue's European tour is Berlin, Deutschland. Look out you fascists, here we come!

Sat. June 24 - Little Boy Blue capped a bizzy week by recordin' an interview and some new songs for the first installment of KC Booker's Acoustic Riot podcast show. So checkitout while he's off on his EUROPEAN TOUR!

Fri. June 23 - The Mama Buzz Cafe was host to Little Boy Blue and Ed Masuga's CD release extravaganza in Oaktown, with the Happy Clams and Emily Jane White. Thanks to everyone who came out to support us.

Thurs. June 22 - Little Boy Blue and his friend Ed were Diamond Dave Whitaker's guests on his Enemy Combatant Radio show, playin' some songs from the new CD's.

Sat. June 17 - Little Boy Blue played at Ryan and Lily's goin' away partay at the Long Haul, with Russ Substance, Built for the Sea, Mark and Ryan and others. Soon Little Boy Blue is goin' away too...

Thurs. June 15 - The Nabolom Radical Open Mic has been gettin' better every month. Little Boy Blue, Miss Ma'am, Mark Gunnery, Ryan Harvey, KC Booker and others played to a packed house. Next month it's time for some new talent to step up and hold it down while some of us are off on our summer travels.

Thurs. June 8 - Little Boy Blue was the first feature act at the new Thursday open mic at the Sea Mi Restaraunt (formerly the Muse) in Albany, hosted by the always inimitable Girl George. So now y'all have some place to go on the Thursdays when there's no Nabolom open mic.

Sat. May 27 - Little Boy Blue played a radical Barrington Collective benefit show at the Long Haul in Berkeley with Mark Gunnery, Ryan Harvey, Built for the Sea, Ted the Block, Crunch Push-Ups, Slash and Burn and the Sour Mash Hug Band.

Thurs. May 18 - We had another great Nabolom Radical Open Mic with songs from Little Boy Blue, Crystal Eastman, Ryan Harvey, Mark Gunnery, Ed Masuga and others. But the highlight of the night had to be KC Booker's dancin' baby.

Mon. May 15 - All the songs from Little Boy Blue's new album, "The Day that Bush was Shot in the Head (and other love songs)", are now available for download on the 'Audio' page, soon to be relased by BIG RACCOON Records! Hell Yeah.

Sun. May 7 - Little Boy played at the Fort Awesome Cooperative Roots sunny Sunday Brunch with his friend Ed and Power Circus in Berkeley.

Sun. Apr. 23 - Little Boy Blue played a few songs with Dan Sheridan and Yogi on drums at the People's Park 37th Anniversary Celebration in Berkeley. Viva People's Park!

Thurs. Apr. 20 - Another hazy 4-20 saw another excellent Nabolom Radical Open Mic with Little Boy Blue, Ed Masuga, Mark Gunnery, Ryan Harvey, Y Kill K and others.

Sat. Mar. 25 - Little Boy Blue played an awesome benefit Show for the Doe Family Legal Defense Fund with Mark Gunnery, Ryan Harvey, the Nightwatchman, Jimmy from Shotwell, MC Lynx, Hey Girl!, the Abi Yo Yos and others at New College in the Mission. Much thanks to the Doe family.

Thurs. Mar. 23 - Little Boy Blue was Diamond Dave Whitaker's special guest on his Enemy Combatant Radio show. Ya better watch out for the Free Radio Radicals!

Sun. Mar. 19 - Little Boy Blue enjoyed an amazing anarchic weekend at the Anarchist Book Fair, the annual Apgar after-party and the Fault Lines benefit show with the Gomorrans and Blackbird Raum at Station 40. If only every weekend was like this...

Thurs. Mar. 16 - Thanks to everyone who braved the torrential downpour and showed up for the coolest Nabolom Radical Open Mic we had yet. There was some great stuff by Ryan Harvey, Girl George, Little Boy Blue and others.

Thurs. Feb. 16 - We had another nite of anarchist nonsense at the Nabolom Radical Open Mic with Little Boy Blue, Girl George, Paul Pot, Guy Michel and others. Next month we really must make flyers.

Tues. Jan 31 - It was another wild nite at the Starry Plough with Little Boy Blue and Ed Masuga. I can't wait to hear Ed do his solo feature...

Thurs. Jan. 19 - The 2nd monthly Nabolom Radical Open Mic was another success with some sweet songs from Little Boy Blue, Ed Masuga, Michael Alexander and others. Next month we might even have flyers.

January 2006 - So, last year's prediction of a new album was a little bit premature, but Little Boy Blue is nearly finished recordin' at Sugar Mountain Studios in Oakland. Watch for the new full-length record later this year.

Sat. Dec. 31 - Little Boy Blue's New Year's Eve show was stopped by the San Francisco police thugs before it got started. And we never even got to sing 'Auld Lang Syne'. I said it before and I'll say it again- Fuck the Police!

Sun. Dec. 18 - Little Boy Blue played a few songs at the Alameda County Green Party holiday party at the Cafe Van Kleef in Oaktown. Checkout Todd Chretien runnin' for Senate against Dianne Feinstein.

Thurs. Dec. 15 - The 1st monthly Nabolom Radical Open Mic went smoothly with some hot performances by MC Lynx, Mark Gunnery, Ryan Harvey, Little Boy Blue and others. So y'all come back again next month!

Fri. Nov. 18 - Little Boy Blue played a part in the RiotFolk! Convergence at the Nabolom Bakery in Berkeley along with Anna Roland, Ryan Harvey, Mark Gunnery, Evan Greer and others. Suddenly the Revolution seems a little bit closer...

Fri. Nov. 11 - Happy International Anarchy Day wishes to all.

Mon. Oct. 24 - We got some brand new demos for ya downloadable on the 'Audio' page. Enjoy.

Tues. Sept. 20 - Little Boy Blue played a fun show at the Starry Plough for Joan Pez's birthday, complete with jig dancers. Hooray for Joan!

August 2005 - After summer stops in London, the Big Easy, the West Coast Hobo Gathering and the Autonomous Mutant Festival, Little Boy Blue is ready to get back down to business, like giggin' and recordin'. That means there's new stuff comin' soon...

Mon. July 25 - Littleboyblue.org was temporarily hijacked by a jealous ex-bassplayer! Sorry for the techincal difficulties.

Thurs. June 23 - Little Boy Blue is back on the Best Coast again. Home sweet home, as they say.

Sat. May 14 - The next stop on Little Boy Blue's tour is New Orleans, LA. Look for him somewhere in between the Big Muddy and the House of the Risin' Sun...

Fri. April 29 - Little Boy Blue played a gig at the Institute for Autonomy for the 11th Anniversary party for London Critical Mass. Eleven is my favorite number. Thanks to the Institute and the Restarts for the English hospitality.

Tues. April 12 - Little Boy Blue arrives in London town for the first stop on his British tour! (that means he's gonna be bummin' around the streets of London for a month).

Sat. Mar. 26 - Little Boy Blue played a radical show at Apgar St. for Jenny's goin' away party with Two Gallants, Shit Storm, Dirty Dirty, Raum and others. Soon Little Boy Blue is goin' away too...

Sun. Feb. 13 - For anybody who witnessed Little Boy Blue's recent performance at Kate's birthday partay in the Haight, see below:

January 2005 - Happy New Year? We got ourselves a new webmaster, a bunch of new songs and a new album comin' out later this year...

Thurs. Dec. 16 - After four months of arrests, arson, and fascist assholes in New York, Little Boy Blue is back in sunny California. See the 'Shows' page to find out where he'll show up next.

Sun. Dec. 5 - But the struggle continues- three South Bronx gardens are saved from eviction by community gardeners and volunteers. To celebrate, Little Boy Blue played a garden party with David Rovics, Green Circus, Ayr and others. See www.moregardens.org.

Tues. Nov. 30 - Five years after the Battle of Seattle the Casa del Sol is evicted by the piggies and set on fire after 20+ years of serving the community in the South Bronx. Fuck the Police!

Wed. Nov. 3 - 'The people' have spoken- four more years for America's weakling president. Of course you know, this means War...

Sun. Oct. 31 - Read Little Boy Blue's thoughts on the November election. You know things are gettin' bad when even Dick from Subhumans tells you to vote for the Lesser Evil.

Tues. Sept. 14 - Little Boy Blue is featured on a new compilation CD of Bay Area musicians, "George Bush, You're an Evil Man and other Patriotic Songs". Checkitout. Guaranteed to scare your Grandparents.

Tues. Aug. 31 - Little Boy Blue is kidnapped and held hostage for 2 days by the fascist police state thugs! But the NYPD hasn't heard the last of this...

Wed. Aug. 25 - Little Boy Blue arrives at the Big Rotten Apple in the Evil Empire State. Let the Riot commence!

Wed. Aug. 18 - Little Boy Blue starts out east for the big New York City. "Unfortunately, we can't stop an anarchist from getting a button, though I doubt any of them would want to wear one." -Mayor Michael Bloomberg

August 2004 - Littleboyblue.org is online! Hooray for the Information Age.